The Episcopal Center community gathers to worship God, to serve the world, and to care for one another. Your faith and doubt, your intellect and intuition, your passions and your questions are welcome here as we explore what it means to follow Jesus. The Episcopal Center is an inclusive community that honors the image of God in each person, regardless of race, gender, age, sexuality, or class.

All services for Fall 2020 will be held on Zoom.

Each Sunday at 8 PM EST, we hold a service of spiritual communion, similar to a Eucharist. Join us via Zoom.
On Tuesdays at 9pm we gather to pray Compline together, a brief service for night. Join us via Zoom.

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Counting To Seventy-Seven

Seventy seven times. That is how many times we are told to forgive someone who sins against us. And you get the distinct feeling that Jesus does not expect you to actually keep count. Seventy-seven just expands Peter’s suggestion of seven to a much greater extent. In practicality, Jesus instructs Peter to forgive whenever he … Continue reading Counting To Seventy-Seven

Hearing Into Truth

The church does not always do a good job talking about sin. I am, of course, part of the church. Sin is a complex thing, and if we are going to do a good job discussing it, it’s going to take a while. It is as complex as human relationships themselves, and rarely can it … Continue reading Hearing Into Truth